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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

The Circle Of Our Love

I think in terms of forordination it might be easier to tell you what I DON'T believe as aposed to what I DO believe.

First of all... I don't believe in forordination in the ways it is explained in this popular LDS film.

I don't believe that there is only ONE person who you promised yourself to in the pre-existance who will know you on sight and pick you up and twirl you around and sing to you at your first earthly meeting.

I do believe that Heavenly Father has people in mind for us to be not only married to (though, let's be honest, that is pretty darn important) but also people for us to be surrounded by. That includes our family and friends. Do I think my family and I stood in the pre-existance and sang a song together before my brother made his way on down to earth? No, I don't. But I do know that each of my siblings was meant to be a part of my family. None more clearly than my older brother who is adopted. I don't care that his blonde with blue eyes and I am brown from head to toe, I don't care that out genetics are different, THAT is my brother. He was supposed to be my brother. It was forordained.

Carrie Ann brought up an interesting topic when she spoke of the where and to whom we are born part of this earthly existance. And while I was born into a family that was LDS, and lived in the States it certinally doesn't mean that I was more vailient in the pre-existance or that life would be better for me somehow. I actually suspect that Heavenly Father knew me well enough to know that I probably wouldn't have chosen the Church if I hadn't grown up with it. (Have you ever been NEAR a margarita? How could I give up THAT if I'd had the chance to have it ;) ) And I didn't grow up in a family with parents who had strong testimonies and read the scriptures to us and had family prayer. Actually, quite the opposite. But, again, that was what I needed. That was what I needed so I could make my own choice, a choice that no one else in my family really made - I chose to live my religion as faithfully as I could. There have, of course, been moments when I have not done my best at that, but I was (am) able to apply the atonement in my life, and pick myself up and move on - move toward the things I am meant to do.

And I was SO expecting THE love of my life to pick me up and twirl me around at our first earthly meeting. The singing was optional.

ahh, you made me laugh...

You mean "Saturday's Warrior" isn't based on actual events?

On a silly side note, my siblings and I were into doing "musicals" when we were young. When the musical tape of SW came out, we decided to put on a show. We had set choreography and costume changes and everything. Unfortuantely, since we had never actually seen the show, my nine year old sister had to interpret it for us. This resulted in my brother and I holding hands and lip-syncing along to "Cirlce of Our Love" as we slowly walked around in a circle...so romantic and WRONG!

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