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Monday, September 05, 2005 

Do As I’m Doing…Follow, Follow Me

I will be brief for two reasons: 1) it is a holiday and 2) I don’t have a whole lot to say on this subject so I am counting on the people who HAVE a lot to say on this subject to say it and I will comment on their posts.

I’m sure this topic came up because people who preached one thing and lived another have had a presence in someone’s life. And that’s a big deal; it’s yucky, but I don’t have too many personal experiences with it.

OK, I may have a couple, which were more irritating than anything. Remember Miss Handstand? I had a co-worker who had some issues, so she’s not entirely to blame. But we would go on store build-outs for a couple weeks at a time. One build-out in Cozumel, Mexico took a month; a long, hot, arduous, irritating month. Miss Handstand didn’t want to go on a full-time mission, because it would impede her ability to flirt and date, but this didn’t stop her from commandeering the painter (who was already two weeks behind) to teach him the Gospel….as she knew it: which meant that you should follow all the commandments that are convenient for you at the time, but when in Rome…or when in Cozumel…do as the Cozumelians do, if it gets you a date and a free dinner, with a stranger, in a country in which you do not speak the language. If anything, her actions verses her words caused a HUGE breach in trust, and that went for work stuff, too. Saying one thing to a vendor or a contractor and then doing another never really works out so well for anyone. Oh wait…isn’t this called INTEGRITY? Now that I’m back in Young Women I notice these things…

I’m sure I’m a two-faced Mormon sometimes. I shouldn’t really comment on other people. That would be judging them, and I know how much people like to feel judged around here. Hopefully, I can use the Holy Spirit to discern the good they say from the bad they do. Good is good, and all good comes from Heavenly Father. I should be more supportive when people like Miss Handstand say good things, even if it means the store opens late.

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So, what exactly is this week's topic? Hypocrisy?

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This week is hard because if you talk about what bugs you...then you're being judgemental. What about if you speak "generally?"

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