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Monday, September 26, 2005 

Favorite Myth? That Would Have to Be Myth Drrty Girl Herself

I’m in New Hampshire on vacation. I miss the East Coast like a long lost family member. But that is neither here nor there… My favorite Mormon myth would have to be all the false celebrities that have “converted” or been taught the gospel by “missionaries in my mission.”

We visited this subject a little while back. And while I hope that we get to hear from some other post-ers and commentators on their fave doctrinal myths of Mormondom, I will take the easy road (because I am out of my element and far from my library) and write about my favorite Mormon celebrity: Christina Aguilera.

She is my favorite not because she exemplifies all things “Mormon”; quite the opposite…I get a kick out of how “un-Mormon” she has become.

This is how the myth began: there was a girl in my major in collage who is not the type to fall prey to exaggerated stories or hyperbole. She was down to earth and honest. She claimed that Christina grew up in her ward in Pennsylvania (from all that I know of Miss Drrty from “Behind the Music” this is true…). Christina’s parents met at Brigham Young University, of all places, her father being from Ecuador.

My friend is older than Christina so she wasn’t close friends with her, but she said that Christina would sing in church sometimes. Can you imagine that? That’s like the time my sister’s friend was investigating the church and was singing in sacrament meeting being totally distracted by the woman singing behind her…it was Gladys Knight.

So Christina has been baptized. But that doesn’t mean much in the biz these days. Brittney Spears was probably baptized a Southern Baptist, and now she’s into Kabala, she even claims to “read Hebrew, although I don’t know what every word means…” Poor celebrities…at least they have the Church of Oprah and Madonna to look to…

Who is your favorite Mormon “celebrity” (real or alleged)?

Steve Martin

Ozzy Ozborne (Supposedly a returned missionary who left the church and went to the dark side. In actual fact, a guy who doesn't even recognize Mormon missionaries in full costume.)


LOL.. I've heard the Christin story too :-)

There's Steve Martin, Alice Cooper (his father's name is Moroni), Elvis, Tom Hanks.

Check out: www.famousmormons.net.

I heard Sandra Bullock was LDS. Any truth to that one? She did used to make some pretty wholesome movies at one time. Still does for the most part.

I've heard that Alice Coopers dad was a stake president. My friend's husband served as a missionary in his stake...supposedly...

This BYU News story attempts ot unravel the fact from the fiction.

Island queen is correct. Alice Cooper's father was part of a Mormon offshoot [story doesn't say -- I had heard that it was the Strangites, but have no idea].

Alice Cooper did grow up in AZ, and went to Camelback High, so surely someone can get to the truth of it.

Also the Steve Martin thing is false, he addressed it on NPR a while back. Apparently the rumor started when he appeared in a film wearing a non-tshirt undershirt that looked like the mormon garment.

Eliza Dusku is apparently a member

Eliza Dusku is a member but inactive. http://www.eonline.com/Features/Features/Tube2003/StarQA/dushku.html

I believe that this is the definitive site for all of the Mormon vampire rumors.

This Sunday, on KSL, at 4pm, there is a special called "American Mormon," which is covering America's perceptions/ideas of "Mormons." Should have plenty of "myths" to savour...or at least laugh at!

Alice Coooper. Father was a Methodist Minister.

(The legend of his conservative upbringing in 'our church' extends to many evangelical sect and i'm sure we co-opted it somewhere)

Eliza Dushku's mother grew up LDS, father didn't. She is/was a professor at Harvard and a big feminist. Was in-and-out of activity for a long time.

Apparently some 70 sealed the deal of her leaving the church, in a Q&A session after stake conference, where he told her in a don't-worry-your-pretty-little-head tone, that the answer to her question was too complicated for her to understand. (understandably didn't sit well with a feminist Harvard academic, in the ERA, er, era.).

I think the Christina's parents rumor has some credibility... forgot, though.

Just like, Jewel, born in Payson, but out of church pretty well since her parents divorced.

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