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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Hypocritical Oaths

I hate a hypocrite as much as the next person, but I also openly acknowledge that all of us are, at times, hypocritical.

For instance, I tell my students not to sit on top of the desks in my classroom... but I do it all of the time. I also tell people to be on time, when I am sometimes late. Oh, and my critique of my husband's driving is laughable when you look at my DMV printout.

I think we're all hypocrites and if I were to tell you to stop being hypocritical, then that would be hypocritical. See the messy Catch 22?

I can't talk about this without being guilty of what I'm talking about.

But putting that aside (because otherwise this would be a REALLY short and repetitive post), I have to say that I haven't dealt with a disproportionate number of two-faced Mormons versus two-faced Gentiles.

Most people have seen and interacted with people who know and espouse methods by which you should do things or live you life, but fail to operate by those methods themselves.

When people do this, I usually don't call them out on it--I really don't enjoy confrontation--but just take what they say with a grain of salt. As Carrie Ann said, it really is about integrity.

Just wanted to add my 3 cents (inflation.)

The most common place I see this sort of hypocrisy is in the business place. "Ethical practices? Well, this is different - this is business!"

I'm often the only person going the speed limit on I-15 (and I get some pretty dirty looks sometimes for going 25 on my own street!) - and I'm pretty sure I've heard advice in Conference to obey traffic laws. I don't speed very often, and it's usually because I'm not paying enough attention.

All generalizations are bad, though, aren't they?

Speaking of the business place. My dad has said before that he would never want to work for a member of the church because there are too amny aspects of business that are not clear cut...too many gray areas, and he just doesn't want to be palced in a situation where he would question someone's ethics knowing they were LDS.

Have you guys ever heard that Janice Kappy Perry song, "Hypocrite Rock". It makes me laugh, and I love the examples of hypocritical behaviour.

Since the song is for kids, she mentions things like sharing your toys when your parents are watching, but not sharing when they're gone.

I find myself learning something from that song, and I'm over the age of 9.

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