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Thursday, September 01, 2005 

Katrina. What a B!^&#!!!

Not unlike all of you I’m sure, I’ve been glued to news reports of all that is going on after Katrina threw her fit. I’ve been searching for ANY news on Picayune, Mississippi as there is much wait to find out if a friend is okay. There is also so much helplessness felt, wishing I could do something to help. Prayers just don’t seem like enough.

I must say that I do find it ironic that our topic for this week here at VSofM touches so close to home for many, many people. I do not have sufficient food storage or supplies should a disaster such as Katrina hit my home town. I live near the intersection of two “healthy” rivers as it flows into the Delta…I have new fears, now. Fears that may get my butt in gear and make sure that I have supplies on hand to take care of my family and maybe even my neighbors. Isn’t that what it’s about?

Some may argue that food storage won’t help many of those affected by Katrina. It’s probably washed away or could be incredibly contaminated now. At least for the folks in New Orleans where so much is under water. But who knows, really.

Deciding whether or not to subscribe to the whole FOOD STORAGE thing is really up to you. I know that my thoughts have traveled back to my lack of food storage and it is something that my husband and I need to discuss.

It just doesn’t seem like such a bad idea right now.

Obviously many have commented on how it doesn't matter much how prepared those who where hit hardest by Katrina were. Fortunately, storms with devastation like Katrina are rare--and hopefully will continue to be so.

But, there is safety and comfort in being prepared for what comes your way. Twice as a child my family was hit by severe weather--a tornado in WI and Hurrican Hugo in Charlotte. Both times we were without electricity for a week. Fortunatley, my mother is a maven at preparedness (--and survival). We had plenty of food storage and supplies on hand. (And we never even had to delve into the MREs!) We were taught the importance of having batteries, hand-held radios, candles, and such in addition to food. We were well equipped to "camp out" for the durations and were fine.

A lasting impression was made as we prepared for the tornado--my mother gave all four of us children a laundry basket each and we were told to gather what was most important to us and to include a pair of jeans and a pair of tennis shoes.

No, today I do not have adequate food storage or supplies. But my mother's example has given me the confidence to know that I could make due and I would be wise to be prepared--for natural disasters, financial crunches, or just to be able to extend myself to others.

But just a small backpack with a change of underwear soap and a toothbrush would be so comforting to millions, don't you think?

I have some friends who live in Vegas, non-LDS, but the best you could imagine, they won't put aside a little backpack and some water. they laugh at me.

Just a little would help, just a little..

Goodness! You are correct..how much of a difference would a 72 hour kit have made to thousands of people this week! Our kits are weak, and my sister and I have resolved to update them, resupply the food and make sure the change of clothes still fit. WOuldn't it be awful to find out in a disaster that you had put your "skinny" jeans in your kit?


CA...you are so right! Wouldn't that tick you off. ;) LOL

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