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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Stupid Is As Stupid SAYS

When I was in Jr. High…this kid on the bus found out I was Mormon and asked if I drank Kool-Aid. I gave him my “what the heck?” look and told him that yes, I drink Kool-Aid from time to time. Funny, but:

Mormons drink Kool-Aid
Mormons don’t have horns
Mormons are allowed to dance (not all of them CAN, though)
Mormons don’t WORSHIP Joseph Smith
Mormons are Christian (and therefore DO believe in Jesus Christ)
Mormons DO believe in God
Mormons DO NOT belong to a cult
Mormons are NOT satanic worshipers

And those are just a FEW Mormon myths that I have either heard are been accused of. I had a very upsetting conversation with a very Christian man after he found out I was Mormon…and that I wasn’t active. He actually said to me, “So the Good Lord pulled you out of that.” And then when I was too stunned to respond he continues, “You know, because they don’t believe in Jesus Christ.”

And then I found my voice.

“Actually, Mormons DO believe in Jesus Christ.”

“No, I’ve done a lot of research, and they don’t”

“I grew up Mormon….they do indeed believe in Jesus Christ.”

“I didn’t grow up Mormon, and I KNOW they believe in Jesus Christ.” Said Non-Mormon husband there.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but…no they don’t. You can read (name
dropping Christians that I have no clue who they are) and listen to them speak
on how un-Christian they are.”

Do to me being UTTERLY SHOCKED by this man who was arguing with me about a faith grew up in, I wish I could’ve gathered my thoughts better and yelled:

DUDE! The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints….are you STUPID OR SOMTHIN’?!

But that probably wouldn’t have been the best approach either. But where do people get these ideas???? I know there are anti-Mormon groups everywhere who just might sit around and make these kinds of myths up…but WOW. I don’t know about you, but I kinda like to know what the heck I’m talking about SO I DON’T LOOK STUPID.

But, maybe I’m just asking to much of people…

Now days, questions about drinking Kool-Aid mean something else altogether. And different Mormons will have different answers. Being inactive, it sounds like yours would be "no."

last lemming, you've confused me. Unless you're not talking about the sugary kids drink...well, then I don't know what you're talking about.

Kool-Aid (the DRINK) is nothing that goes against the Word Of Wisdom. I know that I don't buy Kool-Aid at my house because it's not good for my kids....but that's a parental decision not a religious one.

JP, "drinking Kool-Aid" refers to Jim Jones, a cult leader who inspired many to commit suicide by drinking tainted Kool Aid.

Drinking the Joe Smith Kool-Aid is slang for belief in the Mormon Church.

While waiting for my mom to pick us up from dance, my teacher sidled on up and asked awkwardly, "so your parents don't mind that you dance?"

"No, in fact they encourage it," I said.

"But I thought dancing was against your religion..."

I seriously had no clue what she was talking about. I thought that it was just a perculiarity of the movie "Footloose" that a clergyman would say "no dancing." I set her straight by telling her that our church actually organized youth dances. To this day, I have no idea how she even knew we were Mormon. I mean, how often does that come up in ballet?

All these myths, I think,simply stem from people's fear and ignorance. It's like old fairy tales told to scare children into not going into the woods alone, or not speaking to strangers; people take one true thing they do know about Mormons (or JWs, or Jews, or atheists, or whoever) and run with it. They pick one thing they don't agree with and turn it into a story about how they once saw a group of Mormons sacrificing babies on an altar to Satan or something to keep people from researching and finding out more, or even worse, from being lured into becoming Mormon themselves.

I'm not saying I agree with these myths at all, and that man was really stupid for saying he knew more about the LDS church than an actual Mormon, but I am saying that most myths are believed unmaliciously. There are some people who actually DO think Mormons worship Satan, I'm sure, because that's what they've been told and they fear finding out for themselves.

And, yes, to most other Christian denominations out there, Mormons belong to a cult. A Christian cult, but a cult nonetheless. Along with JWs, Church of Christ, and other groups that do not follow mainstream Christian doctrine. So of course a Mormon would say that is a myth, but outsiders say that idea is completely true.

But on a lighter note, I've been accused of some odd things myself, being SBC. One Mormon girl I knew automatically assumed I was a total heathen, and kept asking me if I was allowed to drink (NO, and for the "good" SBCers, not ever in our lives), smoke (it's frowned upon), have sex outside marriage (of course NOT!), or date before I was 16 (that's not a church decision, but a parental one, and I was allowed to, but never did). She also didn't like the idea of me drinking coffee or tea, which bewildered me to no end! I mean, I live in Alabama, we ALL drink tea!

And one last sidenote: for future reference, in a debate with a non-Mormon, using the fact that the LDS church has Christ's name in the title, won't get you anywhere with your opponent, so you were right not to mention it.

FTR, JP, the Mormon Church IS cult, technically speaking.

As well, I would suggest to you that the next time such a conversation rises, tell the individual that you are the world's authority on what you believe.

JP... I've been in many conversations like the one you mention here. I've been told after stating that, yes, we do believe in Jesus Christ, that the Jesus Christ we believe in isn't the real Jesus Christ (if we were to believe in the real God, according to this line of thinking, then we'd accept the trinity, and since we don't accept the trinity, we don't accept the "true" Jesus).

Semantics. I think most people who have brought this and other "bashing" points to my attention have had good intentions, and expected it to be a huge bombshell for me. I hear/read it, yawn, and if the person is interested in/open to hearing my testimony, I'll share it.

I had one friend who liked to debate religion. She was a strong SBCer, and I found that there was quite a bit in common between our beliefs. However, whenever I thought we'd reached common ground or a point of mutual agreement, she'd launch into the next glaring difference. Eventually I got tired of it and we lost touch.

When I was in high school I shot a spot for the church (I did other stuff too, this was just kind of ironic). It was directed by our very own Michael McLean and produced by Bonneville. I am pretty sure we were the only LDS people on the shoot.

The other 5 actors (all teenaged) were FASCINATED with all the things we could and couldn't do. In fact, the first time the make person came to do a touch up, one of the girls kept saying "are you sure you are allowed to do that? You aren't allowed to wear makeup are you?" No, that would be the southern hardcore Pentacostal or the Amish. "Do you have more than one mom?" Nope. "Are you allowed to swim?" At this point I figured out that a few of them had contact w/ missionaries--that would explain the no makeup/no swimming thing. It went on and on. They were flabbergasted that Mormons did all the things other do except smoke/drink, sleep around etc.

I had heard stories like that but had never experienced it before and haven't since then. I guess these guys weren't method actors.

I always thought that it was ironic that the place I encountered the most disbelief and skewed notions of the church was on a commerical to advertise it.

tiny nit: There is a difference between stupid and ignorant. It's often funner and easier to say stoooopid, but I find people to be more ignorant than stupid.

apparently I have a lot to learn about Kool-Aid cults. However, would a 7th grader know that???

And you're right...ignorant and stupid ARE different...but it just wouldn't have been as catchy to say, "Ignorant is as Ignorant SAYS"...But I'll work on that.

Conservative christians think Mormons aren't Christians. This isn't because of a "myth." It's about Dogma. Mormons belive the trinity is seperate, that there are actually an infinite number of Gods, and especially that we can become Gods. This flies in the face of 2,000 years of "accepted Christian dogma." Therefore, they feel justified in saying that mormons aren't actually Christian.

Although a conservative Christian would most likely say that mormons aren't "saved" or something.

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