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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Watch Out For the Stones

I will always be grateful to my parents for teaching us kids tolerance. That sounds like a funny sentence to write with regards to this week’s topic, but I’ll explain that later. I grew up in a very tolerant and accepting family. I never felt that my parents judged any of my friends, even those that weren’t members of the church. My elementary and Jr. High Schools were not culturally diverse, but because of my family example, the color of someone’s skin or culture was never an issue. It just didn’t matter.

I bring up tolerance and acceptance because that is an area of the church that I see as a “do as I say, not as I do” issue…often. You are taught in Primary and Sunday School that we are all God’s children and that we should love our neighbors as ourselves and most importantly: JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. While it’s hard to write on this week’s topic without inadvertently judging someone else…I’m trying really hard not to that here. It’s just ironic how much better so many people in the church think they are because of the beliefs of the church being “the only true church.” I’ve seen many people leave the church because they are judged for the way they live the gospel…still knowing the gospel is true. It was just hard for them to listen and learn about the accepting nature of the gospel and never feel it because they were always judged and looked down on.

**Disclaimer so I don’t get trashed in the comments: I AM NOT SAYING ALL MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH ARE THIS WAY. Thank you.

I’m not arguing the truthfulness of the gospel or that there are many that do accept people for who they are. What I’m talking about is teaching each Sunday to do many things and then not exemplify that with members and non-members alike. NONE of us are perfect and we all have time of being judgmental and hypocritical. It happens. But it’s also important to recognize this and to really take heart to the fact that if you look down on the person that doesn’t live the gospel the way you think they should, or look down on the person with all the tattoos and peircings or have contempt for the gay couple that live down the street that you are placing yourself above those people making sure they know that YOU ARE BETTER. It truly makes no difference if your children are taught to love one another if it is not shown to them by example in their daily lives. I think that makes Heavenly Father very sad.

So...all those who have no sin…please, throw that first stone.

Most of my problems with the church stem from the claim that, "We are the only true church." I think people use this claim to justify many very unloving thought and acts.

According to Christ all the laws and the prophets hang on loving God and loving our brothers and sisters. I believe this should be our standard, rather that whatever the church says is true and so I can use it to support my position and put other people down.

That said, I appreciate your point and think it is something we should discuss more often.

Oh, that's no fun. I know I'm better than my neighbor, her sins are worse than mine. The other night at Relief Society she played the piano and sang the opening AND closing song. She has an okay voice, but her ego, oh my gosh, not that okay. If she'd sang only the opening, we could have forgiven her, but no way both.

It's not like she's Norah Lofts or something. I would so never have done that.

I'm also better than my husband. And a lot of other people. Depending.

You approached this problem from the spiritual side (which is fine). How about thinking about this problem from the economic and/or political side also?

"Not only is my church 'truer' than yours, so is my clothes & house & car(s) & boat and definitely my political stances"

PRIDE brought down the Nephites, why not the Americans?

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