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Saturday, September 03, 2005 

what difference does it make

I’ve come to hate watching the news especially with the shock and awe guess work and punditry that has subsumed “breaking news.” I don’t even want to know what is going on with the hurricane aftermath anymore, let alone what some jackass reporter or politician thinks about it.

Of course it’s good to be prepared, to take reasonable measures. Obviously, there is no way to prepare for the apocalypse when it lands on your doorstep. Acts of God, whims of the universe, it’s a roll of the dice and 50 gallons of honey isn’t going to do you much good one way or the other. I have friends in an area neighboring the hurricane and their supply lines come right out of the delta. They weren’t affected by the weather, but in the aftermath their community has already run out of gas (literally) and who knows what will go next. They certainly would benefit from food storage, but they aren’t Mormon, so they don’t get to have any.

I’ve never been excited about food storage. Even the events of this week haven’t excited me. I found a way to get excited, though. A year’s supply of brownies and lemon bars. I’m still perfecting my brownie recipe, but I make lemon bars that could kill. Just the thought of a year’s supply of ingredients for brownies and lemon bars, I’d be an idiot not to do it. Can you bottle eggs? Or can them? I must know. Eggs are crucial to my plans, and I must have a method for long term egg storage. You might think this is ridiculous, but when the economy collapses and we all lose our jobs, two months into grinding your wheat and reconstituting unidentifiable vegetables, you will be trading your children for my lemon bars.

well, there are *shudder* powdered eggs... but probably the best way to "store" eggs is to raise some chickens, and have a supply that way. Just keep the coop away from the house. And downwind.

You could try bottling them in glass jars or bottles. Apparently that used to be fairly popular in the supermarkets but it died out because there was no way to get only one or two eggs' worth out of the mess. Maybe if you used baby food jars and only had one or two eggs in each jar?

Yeah, I've tasted powdered eggs. Yuck, truly. They would be okay in cookies or a recipe, though. Probably your best bet.

I don't think you can bottle eggs. I'm pretty sure you can't. Oh, Harping heather says you can, I guess you can. If you scrambled the eggs, you could measure out, like a fourth of a cup. But that would be tricky and messy. There is something gross about eggs.

But you can freeze eggs. I've read about it, but I can't remember the details.

Having a food storage is common sense in some parts of our country and I know for certain that Mormons aren't the only ones who do it...

You've mentioned these lemon bars before which makes me very curious. They must be good. And obviously you don't use a "lemon bar mix"...which means they must be VERY good. The food storage company I used to work for sold all sorts of bread, brownie, and dessert mixes that only required water. Because they KNEW that in times of crisis, a brownie or a lemon bar would be appreciated.

You can have Princess Buttgold right now for a lemon bar. All you have to do is finish planning her wedding and hold her hand and not kill her until her groom sweeps her away.

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