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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Am I Right, Or Am I Right??!

It bugs me when people think that their way is THE ONLY WAY. It drives me up a tree to talk to anyone who cannot, for one second, fathom another way of doing things or that someone else just might have a good point. So it boggles the mind that I, JP, married into SUCH a family. If you have even taken a gander at my site, you will quickly realize that my mother in-law is the type of person that will eat you alive if you disagree with her. All 4’11” of her. You’d think with her being such a tiny person, you would have no trouble having your own opinion. But then you would be WRONG. Again.

A few years ago, at a family dinner for my husband’s side of the family, a few of us talked quite a bit about religion. We discussed several religions and different aspects of each, but our discussions were very general and very light. My mother in-law sat there listening through our lengthy conversation and then abruptly left the table. We continued our conversation, which happened to have landed on tithing and/or offerings and a few minutes later, my mother in-law returned to the table with a program from the last Sunday’s Mass. Being a devout Catholic, she saw the need to fill us in on all our wrong ideas and opinions. When we told her that we were just discussing general religious topics and that we weren’t really looking to verify any doctrine. She disagreed (somehow) with our way of thinking and felt it appropriate to tell us exactly how we should believe.

Insert much eyebrow raising here.

While I’m very happy that she has a firm belief in what she knows to be true, I don’t feel that anyone should ever make someone else, who may have a difference in opinion, feel inferior in any way. Sitting around the table with these family members who do not practice any religion and who are having a general religious discussion, it is a bit much to take for them when someone is shoving it down their throat. And who is telling them HOW they should think and believe.

I just don’t think that’s okay.

But aren't there some processes where one way is better than an other and in some cases there is only one right way?

Sometimes there are right answers.

I love your mother-in-law...or rather, I love that she's YOUR mother-in-law...

There have to be some absolutes, or we can't even have a coherent conversation.

But really. You're saying "we shouldn't shove our views down people's throats" and what you're actually doing is advocating your belief: the one saying your mother-in-law is wrong to think she is right.

Do you see how that works? When you say you don't want anyone telling you their religion is better than another, you still have to say that your view on the subject is better than theirs. You're saying, "My opinion, namely that people should not shove religion down other people's throats, can beat up your opinion, which says it's OK to shove religion down other people's throats."

Or, put another way, perhaps I could ask you "Who are YOU to tell me I can't think my religion is THE ONLY right one?"

hope that makes sense.

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