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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Holy Sabbath, Postman!

So maybe I should've written about this last week, but the idea that keeping the Sabbath holy is some sort of fantastic life choice that makes life so much better is just a myth.

One of my favorite things about not being Mormon anymore is all of the free time! I love that I don't have to get up for church and I don't have to perform the duties of a calling (that I don't even like anyways). I like that I can split my shopping and relaxing time into two days.

That being said, I think a lot of people are keeping the idea of a holy Sabbath alive and well.

For instance, my husband's family gets together for breakfast or lunch every Sunday. My own family has monthly gatherings on Sunday. I work at a school and events are never planned for Sundays, even though there is "Saturday School" and occaisional service projects or field trips on Saturday.

Many employers still pay an increased wage on Sundays. Stores and shopping malls close early on Sundays. Nobody has a Sunday as their trash day (as in waste collection management). Banks are never, ever, ever open on a Sunday. Even the DMV and US Post Office take the day off.

Despite our modern way of treating Sunday as a second Saturday, there is a residual respect for it built into our way of doing business. This might not mean good things for me and my need to get things done, but I think it should still mean something to the rest of the God-fearing world.

It is nice to read the Sunday paper, clip the coupons and go shopping on Sunday and avoid the crowds. For those reasons alone, I love the fact that the faithful observe the Sabbath.

It's also fun to occasionally "catch" those faithful at the stores on Sunday. LOL

My idea of honoring the Sabbath day is to truly rest all day. I don't like to make big meals. I like to put on peaceful music (my Bach is my favorite) read the scriptures, write in my journal, and lay around and be spiritual.

I enjoy leisurely reading the Sunday paper and I like to watch Meet The Press.

Going to church isn't the honoring part because it's stressful, especially when we meet at 9 am (I so relate to Sarah's post).

But I still go to church.

My husband's idea of honoring the Sabbath is go to church. Then do whatever you want, which for him would be to clean out the chimney or vacuum (He's Felix to my Oscar) and he likes a big dinner and a huge breakfast.

We compromise. I lay around, he doesn't vacuum or clean out the chimney. He cooks huge breakfasts and big dinners. That lets him get the ADD stuff out.

But I hate 9 am meeting. I think it's very hard to honor the Sabbath when one has to get up early and spend three hours in church to start off. I don't even wake up till I get home from church.

My parent's stake, in Houston, met all together just for sacrament meeting after Hurricane Rita. They took the sacrament, had a couple of testimonies and went home. Once they got home they sat there looking at each other like "what do we do now?" until my little brother spoke up and said, "that was awesome! why can't we just do that every week?" I wonder how we'd like the "old school" meeting through the week schedule now? Maybe they should just change things up every few decades...

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