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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

Unpleasant dinner conversation

The saying goes that we shouldn't discuss religion or politics over dinner. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that when we go on the internet, we love to talk about these subjects at great length.

What bothers me is when people insist on mixing the two. I submit that there is no good social policy that cannot be better supported by secular arguments than religious. Our country, whether we want to admit it or not, is essentially a secular institution. I have no problem with being conservative, or being religious, but please don't tell me to be conservative because I'm religious.

Do I think Jesus has political opinions? Maybe, but I'll bet they would surprise us. I think we'd be better off if we left him out of this.

I think I am a dreaded moderate. Sometimes I agree with the democrats, sometimes the Republicans. Many of my liberal friends, however, think I am a liberal, that I want the priesthood (no way, Jose). I tend to argue against whatever the other person believes, as a rule. It's a curse.

But the other day I called a new sister in our ward because I am her visiting teacher. She made the comment that the former renters of her home must not be active because they had coffee grounds in the cupboard. She said they must be liberal.

Somehow I took offense to her judging tone (I liked that girl myself, the former renter, and she'd had some bad experience with judgemental mormons).

I said, "I'm liberal. I'm an alcoholic myself, so coffee seems like a small deal.

I'm not really a liberal (I am really an alcoholic, recovering, but...). I think conservatives are as Christian as liberals, sometimes more even.

If she'd criticized somebody who was conservative, I would have taken the other point of view.

Christ appears to be a libertarian...

To the adulteress: "Go and sin no more".

To Alma (Mosiah 26): Blot them (those taken in iniquity) from the records of the church [NO CIVIL PENALTIES!].

Does Christ FORCE us to do good works?
Is Christ a warmonger?

Our country, whether we want to admit it or not, is essentially a secular institution.
From your mouth to God's ears...may it ever be thus!

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