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Monday, October 17, 2005 

What About the Religious Left?

What about us? I mean, I’m always right anyway whether we’re talking religion or directions or fashion, right? But what if my leanings are left? Am I still right?

I wish I weren’t the first writer this week, not only do I have a house full of unexpected guests (I have two rooms that are SO dirty it looks like I have a couple of squatters…), I am rather looking forward to the comments of our readers. Should I start off with something controversial, just to get the ball rolling?

How about…hmmm…of course, the religious right are right because they are religious and religious people are always right…

…or…just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in you…

hmmm… what are some of my other favorite right wing zingers?…

Well, all you have to do look up “religious right bumper stickers” on Google to get a good smattering of drivel.

I know that non-religious people sometimes get up tight about someone, anyone, who says they have the answer when it comes to religion. It annoys them because it must seem terribly self-righteous. I just like to keep in mind that while I love and enjoy my religion, I am considered DEAD WRONG by pretty much any other religious person NOT of my same religion. It’s not only non-religious people who think the religious right are self righteous…it pretty much works for everyone with opposing views.

But don’t forget…I’m right, or rather left but right.

You are not considered DEAD WRONG by almost any other religious person NOT of your same religion. Most of the religious people I know don't think that, and I can think of several world religions that would definitely not teach that.

Please forgive my hybperbole, but I have been called "devil's spawn" more than once. You are correct that MOST religions don't talk (I would dare say gossip) about other religions formally, but where my family lives in Texas, some of the churches in the area spend a certain amount of time talking about others, in particular, Mormons.

My point was that most people can't stand someone else thinking they are right...religious or not. Why would I choose to practice a particular "brand" of religion if I didn't think it was the most correct I could find? If I believe it, I should act on it. This is the premise of proselyting and missionary work: if it brings me joy and what I feel is closer to God, I want to share that with others.

And while (thankfully) our constitution protects the state from religion and religion from the state, people generally feel obligated to vote (rally, demostrate, and complain) as their conscious dictates.

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