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Sunday, October 02, 2005 

Who's Got the Look?

We have a new look here at VSoM and I hope you like it. I think the butterfly (a "Mormon Butterfly" if you can believe there are such creatures) is a universal icon of change and has very definative stages in its life.

If you do like the new look (showing appreciation for the creative venture and symbolism), or if you don't (because that bug never goes away--no matter how far down you scroll), you can comment here (as opposed to commenting on Carrie Ann's excellent Monday post).

And, although he introduced himself, we want to welcome Ned Flanders to the posting schedule and as well as wish JLS a fond farewell.

A comment on comments:

The comments appear to run together, rather than being clearly delineated one from another. Perhaps another line space or something to visually break up the text between one comment and the next?

Hey, Mormons have crickets, why not butterflies, too?

The running together thing isn't a problem in IE. Nor is the post way down thing.

Sometimes firefox weirds things out. But let's be honest, it's all I use at home.

But here at work it looks lovely.

Thanks for your hard work Kaycee. You should come over for dinner tomorrow night... i'll have TV then :)

I did it. I like the new look, thank you VSofM for being such a wonderful site. I love visiting.

I really like they new layout, but it's hard to read.

Suggestions would be to lighten the background, or darken or enlarge the text.

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    Kaycee opted out of Mormondom 4 years ago. She calls herself agnostic.
  • Tuesday:
    Sarah is not your average Gospel Doctrine Teacher.
  • Wednesday:
    Carrie Ann comes from pioneer stock, and lives in Provo, but is open minded and fair.
  • Thursday:
    Ned Flanders hasn't been to church in a while, but maintains an interest in all things Mormon.
  • Friday:
    John C. is an academic with a sense of humor and a testimony.
  • Saturday:
    JP's not going to church and feeling okay about it.

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