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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

I Love To See The Temple

I was 19 years old when I was endowed. I wasn't going on a mission, I wasn't getting married, it was just the right time for me to take the next spiritual step in my life. I prayed about it, I fasted about it, and essentially said to Heavenly Father "hey, if you don't want me to do this, don't let it happen." I didn't meet with a single bit of resistance from any of my preisthood leaders. So, on June 2, 1998 I made my way to the Oakland Temple with my mother and her best friend and received my endowment.

For about a year prior to this I had been in a touring choir that was exclusivly preforming Steven Kapp Perry's "House of the Lord" all over Utah. I was the lone female tenor, and had the time of my life with an amazing group of people who happened to all be AMAZING singers. I felt privaliged to stand next to them night after night and sing about something I had never experianced before, but had faith in. I had never done more than baptizms for the dead, and it had been a while since I'd done that, but when I sang about it I felt the Spirit and my testimony grew.

As I sat in the temple for the first time the words of those songs came back to me. I didn't attend a temple prep class because the teacher never showed up for it, so that experiance singing about the temple became my preperation. I remember outside after all was said and done and asking my mother why she kept looking at me while we were in the temple. Her reply, "I was waiting for you to freak out." But I didn't, and I never have. The temple has always felt like home to me, everything familier and comforting. I have never felt confused or unsure. I have felt closer to my Heavenly Father, I have felt divinity within me. Going to the temple has reminded me of who I have always been.

For several years I worked in the Oakland Temple baptistry. It was there that I realized how essential every single part of every covenent we make is. The temple could not run if it weren't for those who come in to do baptizms. I am so grateful for the temple, for the oppertunity I've had to go there and to learn about myself, and make covenents with my Heavenly Father. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I love the temple as well and have had some deeply spiritual and comforting experiences there.

But I find, also, that it's really hard to get there in the hustle and bustle of life. I think we have to do the best we can and recognize the time and season for everything.

Doing our duty is good, but if we're exhausting ourselves doing it, we're not benefiting.

The two things I most like about Mormonism, the prominence of the family and the temple. I remember going through the temple for the first time, thinking that it was all so right. The attire, the symbology, the ritual, it all brings such peaceful clarity to my mind. I could quietly sit in the Celestial Room all day.


Nice to hear from you JLS.

It's funny how some people "freak out" going through the temple for the first time. You never know who will love it and who will not. I think my mantra of "it's not sacrament meeting" really helped, so did my parents who were open and available.

My older brother was a spiritual rock for me when I was younger (he still is...). He had a really strong testimony at a young age and was atypically mature. The temple freaked him out a bit. He was the first child in our family to go through and I don't think my parents had the frank and tesimony-building talks with him (as they did with all subsequent temple-attending siblings). I was totally cool with it all, but I have friends who are just not interested in going back...you just never know...

i'm 22 years old, male, and not planning on going on a mission, not engaged to be married. Can I still take out my endowments?

Random Guy - If you feel you're spiritually ready for it, go talk to your bishop. That's the first step. If you're ready to make and keep those covenents, then you should ask Heavenly Father if He thinks your ready. I can't tell you if you can go or not, that's up to you, the Lord and your priesthood leaders.

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