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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Mountain of the Lord

For me, the primary significance of the temple is the physical reinforcement that God cares about me and wants me back. That this is established in a context of my complete submission is secondary. The fact that He wants me back at all, as I haven't been particularly submissive, is astounding enough.

I find in this the primary usefulness of the temple. The reminder that even the flawed and irresponsible can enter into God's presence. The beautific unfairness that allows the sinner in by the suffering of the innocent. The glory of God's atonement in the creation of the world.

The purpose of temples is to have places set apart where God and man can meet. It may be hubristic of us to assume He is interested. Nonetheless experience, temple or otherwise, shows that He is.

Thank God for that!

Before I got married, I faithfully went to the temple once a month. It was easy, I had time and money and energy.

Then for years, temple attendance was problematic because it seemed every time we planned to go, we got in a big fight! Finally we agreed that even if one of us had filed for divorce, we would go to the temple. And it worked out okay. Satan sort of left us alone.

The last few years I've been ill and am often not strong enough to attend the temple. At first my husband stayed home, as well. He felt he shouldn't go without me.

But the last year, he's started attending regularly on our ward temple night. He will just go up to the church and drive with whoever is there.

I think we're both better for it. He is a more spiritual person and that blesses our home. That sounds so hokey, but it's true, nevertheless.

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