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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

Just One More Thing to Feel Confused About

There are many things about the gospel that are hard for me to fathom. To be perfectly honest, I could drive myself insane just thinking about it all. Even after having wonderful experiences from the youth temple trips and doing baptisms for the dead, there really are so many unanswered questions that I have.

Two of Kaycee’s questions are similar to my own. Even during temple trips, I was so curious and maybe even a little confused at how all those names just “appear” in the temple. This logically leads to the next question of those people that have no written record of their birth, death, etc. Its mind boggling…and it’s a tad weird to think about.

I’m sure that my feelings of confusion and curiosity have a bit to do with not being active in the church...even if I had those feelings before. I think the difference before was that the faith that I had in the process overpowered the feelings of confusion or curiosity. It’s not that I’ve given up the faith, really…it’s just not as “present” as it used to be. When you’re not sure about your faith, it makes it pretty hard to be sure about things like baptisms for the dead.

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