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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

All With Hope, All With Hope

For those of you who read my personal blog you may or may not have noticed that I title each entry with a song lyric; and it's something I do here as well because it has served me well thus far. The lyric I chose for today's post is from a song called "Hand Me Downs" by my favorite group in the entire known universe, the Indigo Girls. The lines following the refrain of "All with hope, all with hope" are the lines that actually stuck with my the most from the first time I heard Amy Ray belting out her agnst riddled song. It goes like this: "All with hope, All with hope that emptiness brings fullness and loss of love brings wholeness to us all."

The reason I liked (and continue to like for that matter) those words are that it is the very sentiment I seem to carry around on my scarred and tattered heart. I have spent a lifetime hoping against hope that perhaps the things that were (or were not in some cases) happening to me would bring me the things I so lacked: fullness, wholness, faith in things unseen. I understood emptiness and loss of love, I so longed for the other side of it to know the heaviness of things instead of the terrible lightness that loneliness and loss seemed to leave in their wake. And so, my little mantra that I chanted to myself and had as the message that popped up everytime I turned my cell phone on was (and remains) All With Hope. It is not hope that has come by faith (Ether 12:4), but hope that has come because I could not live without it. Even in the darkest dark, I held out for some light. I wanted to believe that things could and would be different for me, that my life could and would be better and brighter and filled with the things I had always dreamed of. In a way, I think that is what hope really is: wanting to believe. I think hope is stronger than faith and in many ways far more powerful.

Posted by Sarah

Sarah, Indigo Girls is my favorite Band EVER! I can sing every word to every song on every Album, backwards.

And that song as particular meaning for me too. It's a brilliant brilliant song.

Anyway, I always thought you were brilliant. Now I KNOW it.

It is wonderful to see you all back up and running.

I like this new stage of VSoM.

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