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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Redirection Resurrection

Good news... We're not dead!

Contrary to comments listed on the last post (from an embarrassing 6 weeks ago), we are alive, well, and recommitted to our beloved Various Stages of Mormondom.

Our plan to post "whenever" did not motivate us as we thought it would, so we are returning to our former method of assigned days and topics. We have made a change, though. Formerly, our topics were very specific and by the end of the week, some writers felt that they were sounding like a broken record. From now on, our weekly topics will be words or short phrases on which a writer could take any number of approaches. We will begin anew on Monday.

We hope that this will make writing more fun, reading more interesting, and creativity ever flowing.

We realize that we have a unique voice and position in the "Blogosphere" and don't want that to disappear. Thanks for sticking with us.

Must... resist... link to... earlier... comment... ;-)

Welcome back!

Don't even think about it, Geoff.

Welcome back!! You all have been missed!

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This Week's Topic:

  • The Sabbath Day

Various Authors

  • Monday:
    Kaycee opted out of Mormondom 4 years ago. She calls herself agnostic.
  • Tuesday:
    Sarah is not your average Gospel Doctrine Teacher.
  • Wednesday:
    Carrie Ann comes from pioneer stock, and lives in Provo, but is open minded and fair.
  • Thursday:
    Ned Flanders hasn't been to church in a while, but maintains an interest in all things Mormon.
  • Friday:
    John C. is an academic with a sense of humor and a testimony.
  • Saturday:
    JP's not going to church and feeling okay about it.

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