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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Some hope and some despair...

We've all heard that hoary myth about how the Chinese word for crisis is a combination of "danger" and "opportunity." Even if it's not exactly true, it still sounds cool. My version is a little less profound. In Spanish, the verb "to hope" is the same word as "to wait." This seems apt to me; I have a hard time believing that hope is a virtue. Hope consists mainly of the lies we tell ourselves to get through the day. It's emotional lubrication.

Used in moderation, it's invaluable. When I used to have a job, I'd wake up each morning, dreading the grind of another day. I hoped that some day, I wouldn't have to get up and go to a job I hated. Sometimes our lies come true. But just the glimpse of this oasis was strong enough to get me out of bed and onto a train every morning.

The worst thing in this world is false hope. The paid programming television that promises drinking fish oil will cure your diseases or that they have cures that others don't want you to know about. If there is a hell, I'm confident it will populated almost entirely by snake oil salesmen and con artists.

As for me, I think I'll just wait. Things are bound to get better.

Posted by Ned Flanders.

Ned, you existentialist god!

I immediately thought of "Waiting for Godot"...

Vladimir: Well, shall we go?
Estragon: Yes, let's go.

They do not move.

You make me want to cry, man.

Aww, shucks, Watt. I'm just a poser. You are the existentialist God for coming up with that phrase.

How come you don't have a job? How do you live?

I'm one of those people who generally don't expect much to avoid being disappointed. And every good thing is a pleasant surprise.

annegb-- We moved for my wife's job. She's been remarkably patient (perhaps too patient) while I am looking for a job.

Oh, I was just curious.

I have more hope the older I get. Which is so weird because the older I get, the more sadness I see in the world. I just see that things generally work out, somehow.

I have a lot of pain as well, but if I keep on going, I might end up to be a cheerful old person.

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