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Monday, March 06, 2006 

I Doubt That

Lest I begin to sound like a broken record, I will not be discussing how I came out of faith and into doubt... again. Instead, I'm going to tell you about the phrase that nearly resulted in commission of homicide against my dear husband.

It started about a month and a half ago. I was telling Felix, my husband of 6 months, about something at work. I said something like, "I think the principal might try to get rid of that teacher," to which he replied, "I doubt that."

Now, since Felix doesn't have an intimate working knowledge of the school where I work, he had no reason to doubt what I was saying. Therefore, I became irritated at him. Somehow, the 10 year old in him found this delightful and it became his favorite phrase to pull out at random moments.

More examples:

Me: My parents asked us to bring dessert to dinner on Sunday.
Felix: I doubt that.

Me: I'm going to get the mail.
Felix: I doubt that.

Me: (at Subway) I'm going to get the roasted chicken breast sandwich.
Felix: I doubt that.

Me: I want to see that "V for Vendetta" movie.
Felix: I doubt that.

Can you see how irritating this is? But why? I knew he wasn't serious when he said it. I think that I hate the idea of people seeing me as wishy-washy, someone you doubt as a matter of course. I've always endeavored to be reliable and trustworthy and being doubted by someone just seems degrading to me.

I didn't spell it out for Felix like this, though. I just told him, in the most stressed and animated tones, that he had to stop or I was going to kill him. Would I really have? I doubt it.

Posted by Kaycee.

Um ya.

I think I would probably have used the same approach.

I would have smacked him upside his head if it had been my husband. He's lucky, your so much nicer than i would have been.


My husband's favorite phrase to reply with is a very haugty, downtrodden, picked-upon "I suppose".

Q: "Will you do the dishes?"
A: "I suppose."
Q: "Would you pick up the living room?"
A: "I suppose."

He says, "What's the problem? I'm agreeing to do it aren't I?" The problem is that dangit, you're supposed to say "Ok" or some other sort of non-self-pitying reply. Or at least refrain from acting like I've just asked you to cut off your arm and feed it to the dog. And then he says "Well I really don't *want* to do it, so why should I act like I do?"


Yeah, I'd smack him, too. His use of the term doesn't even make sense.

My husband uses the term "we" in a way that drives me crazy. He says "what did we decide to do about the porch?" Which means, what did you decide to do, because he doesn't want to make the decision. I say, "have you got a mouse in your pocket?" or "who's we?" Then he gets annoyed and pretty soon we're throwing furniture at each other.

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